Aki Cederberg on Helsinkiläinen kirjailija, muusikko ja elokuvantekijä. Cederbergin suvussa on merimiehiä, pappeja ja lääkäreitä, mistä ehkä juontuu hänen vaellusviettinsä ja monet hänen mielenkiinnon kohteistaan, joiden jäljillä hän on matkustanut laajasti. Cederberg on kirjoittanut kirjan Pyhiinvaellus: Matkalla Intiassa ja Nepalissa (Salakirjat 2013) ja hänen kirjoituksiaan on julkaistu mm. The Fenris Wolf kirja-antologioissa, sekä muissa julkaisuissa ja lehdissä. Hän on ollut osana yhtyeitä joiden kanssa hän on julkaissut levyjä, järjestänyt näyttelyitä ja esiintynyt eri maissa. Hänen osana Halo Manash yhtyettä tekemänsä elokuva Taiwaskivi on julkaistu DVD-kokoelmalla "Back to Human Nature" Njuta Films toimesta. Cederberg on myös osa Radio Wyrd podcastia. Cederbergillä on kulttuurialan tutkinto ja hän työskentelee kirjoittamisen ja elokuvatuotannon parissa. Hän asuu Helsingissä ja harrastaa nyrkkeilyä. 

Tämä sivusto kokoaa yhteen Cederbergin kirjoitukset, matkat sekä meneillään olevat työt.

Aki Cederberg is a writer, musician and filmmaker from Helsinki, Finland. Coming from a hereditary line of seamen, priests and doctors, his disposition and many of his interests and passions can perhaps be derived from these ancestral streaks. Relating to his engagement with various esoteric traditions and realms of knowledge and culture of which he has sought first-hand experience, as well as his interest in sites of mythological or historical significance both ancient and modern, he has travelled extensively. Cederberg has written a book published in finnish language titled Pyhiinvaellus ("Pilgrimage", Salakirjat 2013), as well as contributed to The Fenris Wolf book anthologies and several other publications. He has been part of several musical groups, with whom he has released albums and films, as well as conducted exhibitions and tours both in his homeland and abroad. The film Taiwaskivi, made as part of Halo Manash, was released on the DVD-collection ”Back to Human Nature!” (Njuta Films). Cederberg is also a part of the Radio Wyrd  podcast. He has a Bachelor of Culture and Arts (directing and scriptwriting) and currently works in writing and film production. He lives in Helsinki, and enjoys boxing.

This website functions as a resource on his writings, travels and current works.



Chairete Daimones.jpg


Χαίρετε δαίμονες

Collaboration and vocals on two tracks: DER NORDISCHE RING DES WISSENDEN and NINE MOON KNIFE.


Dramatis personae:
Aida de Acosta (composition) XVII
Aima (vocals) II, X
Aki Cederberg (vocals) IX, XIV
Annamaria Bernadette Cristian (cello) X
Estella (vocals) VI, VIII, XII
Eugene Voronovsky (violin, violin arrangements)
XIII, XV Faye R. (vocals) IV
Marcel P. (bass) I - XVII
Thomas Bojden (vocals) XI
Gerhard Hallstatt (Tonkunst, vocals) I - XVI

You can listen to one song from the album with myself on vocals, DER NORDISCHE RING DES WISSENDEN, by listening to episode 24 of the Ultraculture podcast found here.

Order the album here:


Nimikirjaimet BB (Initials BB)

Herr Lounge Corps and Aki Cederberg pay timely tribute to the French Maiden embodied as Brigitte Bardot in their version of the perennial 1968 classic by Serge Gainsbourg, Initials BB.

Miro Snejdr & Aki Cederberg 2017. 
Lyrics translated into Finnish by Aki Cedeberg. 
Vocals by Cederbarre, recorded by B.B. in Lille, France 2015. 
Musical arrangement by Miro Snejdr 2017.

Tulin Kertomaan Vain Että Mä Meen (Gainsbourg cover)

Herr Lounge Corps and Aki Cederberg are back with soothing sounds for the soul to counter the crude commotion of the modern world. This time they cover Serge Gainsbourg’s 1973 classic Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais, in Finnish language. The video pays again tribute to a European woman - Leni Riefenstahl - and features her “Diotima’s dance for the sea” from Arnold Fanck’s mystical mountain film, “Der Heilige Berg”. 

Miro Snejdr & Aki Cederberg 2017. 
Lyrics translated into Finnish by Aki Cedeberg. 
Vocals by Cederberg, recorded by B.B. in Lille, France 2015. 
Musical arrangement by Miro Snejdr 2017.

”And all of this said the same thing, all of it expressed what was in the musician's soul: longing, a most intimate atonement with the world and a violent wrenching loose, a burning hearkening to one's own dark soul, an intoxicating surrender and a deep yearning for the fountain of wonder and beauty.”

1. Sydänmaa  2. Tuhkankantajat  3. Laulujen jumala  4. Tämän kaupungin yllä  5. Vanha tie  6. Näiden merkkien alla  7. Maailman ääri  8. Toive

MAA / Tuhkankantajat was officially formed on spring equinox 2009, although its foundations were established earlier. The center of the group consists of figures from divergent musical backgrounds and (sub)cultures: A.A.Cederberg (Halo Manash), J.J.A.Kettunen (Somnivore, Slave's Mask), M.I.Pöyhönen (Pyhä Kuolema) and R-M. Salo (Pimentola). They are in turn aided live and in the studio by their friends and collegues, including Fredrik Löf (Velvet Desperados) and Antti Hyvärinen, as well as John Murphy (Knifeladder, Shining Vril, Death In June, ad infinitum).

The debut album of MAA, Tuhkankantajat (English: "Bearers of Ash"), was recorded by Antti Haapapuro (Halo Manash, Aural Hypnox) in his analogue studio Katajan Kaiku, and released on CD by Anima Arctica. Tuhkankantajat is a synthesis of diverse musical styles and influences, ranging from lounge to post-industrial folk, from pop to ambient, and yet all the while creating a holistic work of singular vision and voice. The approach to sound on the album evokes a different time and place, one of lush warmth and presence, one that perhaps harkens back to some past decades, in contrast to the crass and bland trends of today's music industry. Recorded with analog reel-to-reel tape technology, and using a setup consisting of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, cellos, trumpets, pianos and Fender Rhodes, the result is a rich sonic palette to immerse oneself in, a tapestry of sound to soothe one's soul. Sung in their mother-language of Finnish, the tracks on Tuhkankantajat are spiritsongs for a soulless age, as they express and ruminate on the core aspects of Man and Life: joy and sorrow, victory and surrender, love found and lost, and the eternal longing for the soul's true homeland.

The group MAA is now defunct. For copies of the album, contact: cederbergaki (at) gmail (dot) com



 As winter hibernation and spring awakening gives way to summer, Halo Manash rises radiant into luminosity, with wings spread into all worlds, and brings forth Taiwaskivi, an opulent work of solar ambience and primordial Ur-music.

Taiwaskivi, a work of sonic flame and aural ash, consists of seven interrelated tracks, utilizing such diverse instrumentation as organ, horns, vocals, drums, gongs, percussions and various string instruments as well as field-recordings captured during the pilgrimage that the creation of the work embodies.

An air of finality abounds, as Taiwaskivi, although a complete work in itself, can also be viewed as the third and final facet of a tripartite series of works that are part of one holistic creation – a treelogy, with seed, root, trunk and finally, branches. Being the culmination of an ascending journey through the aforementioned realms within and without, Taiwaskivi is the celestial crown at the peak, reaching toward Sol, source and beyond; it is the leaves and fruit of the branches and their skybound nectar ever-flowing - the sacred fire, the consummation and conjunction of All.

Comes in a hand finished cardboard booklet. Available from Aural Hypnox. 



As the apex of Spring heralds awakenings, Halo Manash emerges from Winter and hibernation ~ Treefaced. Horns spiral skyward and antlers ascend. A tripartite trunk arises – a pillar that splits all worlds. 

Am Kha Astrie, a work of heliotropic, elemental ambient, is an opening, an awakening, a summoning, a crossing of thresholds. After their previous oneiric and minimal album, Am Kha Astrie sees Halo Manash re-integrate a more diverse instrumentation and a multiplicity of soundsources to create their work, which consists of seven interrelated tracks. Am Kha Astrie is a complete work in itself, but can also be viewed as the second facet of a tripartite series of works that are part of one holistic creation.

Archaic elemental drums, bones and spiraling animal horns merge with various metal percussions, chimes, wind-instruments, voices and a multitude of other instruments to create a deep, earthly and yet celestially-bound opus. Am Kha Astrie is a massive and sometimes ominous work, a primal experience of coming-into-being, with all the terror, ecstasy and divine awe that it implies.

Comes in a hand finished cardboard booklet, in an edition of 1000 copies. Available from Aural Hypnox. 



Guided by nether nectars and dream herbs, oneiric visions and the light of lunar tides, Halo Manash Language of Red Goats aims to be a cartography of cavernous elemental realms and regions, sources and springs that run deep and thick with the fluids of life, death and dream. What was seeded at the Thin Veils has been gathered at Harvest time, and is offered to the seeker as a libation and guide into the ever-liminal, shrouded spaces, for dream-vigils and awakenings.

Language of Red Goats is a complete work in itself, but can also be viewed as the first facet of a tripartite series of works that are part of one holistic creation – three faces of the same being. More akin to a primitive fieldrecording in the realm of oneirotropic exploration, than an actual album, the work consists of one lengthy tripartite soundscape. Utilizing only gongs, bells, metal bowls and wind instruments, as well as flocks of birds, the work is in contrast to earlier more refined works that feature a wide multiplicity of instruments and soundsources. Language of Red Goats is a bare, primitive and sometimes raw aural landscape, and yet nonetheless achieves a rare subliminal intensity and an edge of otherwordly luminosity.

Comes in a hand finished cardboard booklet, in an edition of 920 copies. Available from Aural Hypnox. 




HALO MANASH, redrobed and clothed in ash, has a completed a helical cycle, r.A.S.H.n.k.a-RA. Archaic sounds and visions from the heights and depths, elemental ambience and primal thundering. Various instruments such as horns, kanglings, bells, cymbals, drums, singing bowls, damaras, rattles, chimes, bones, selfmade instruments, vocals, voices, and the elemental sounds themselves give form to a work that is
sometimes serene, sometimes fierce and chaotic.

Everything is in pairs: thus r.A.S.H.n.k.a-RA itself consists of two distinct creations/destructions:

IN 4 ELEMENTS (DVD) was realized/received in 4 circulations of the sun and consists of 4 parts. 

IN POLARDUAL (LP) is the dark twin, and was received /realized in 2 circulations of the sun, consisting of two parts.

Full-colour gatefold LP lmt to 500 including a DVD + A2 POSTER. Released by KAOSTHETIK KONSPIRATION. 

I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.
Olen ollut ja olen edelleen etsijä, mutta olen lakannut kysymästä tähdiltä ja kirjoilta; olen alkanut kuunnella opetusta, jota vereni minulle kuiskii.