Aki Cederberg on Helsinkiläinen kirjailija, muusikko ja elokuvantekijä. Cederbergin suvussa on merimiehiä, pappeja ja lääkäreitä, mistä ehkä juontuu hänen vaellusviettinsä ja monet hänen mielenkiinnon kohteistaan, joiden jäljillä hän on matkustanut laajasti. Cederberg on kirjoittanut kirjan Pyhiinvaellus: Matkalla Intiassa ja Nepalissa (Salakirjat 2013) ja hänen kirjoituksiaan on julkaistu mm. The Fenris Wolf kirja-antologioissa, sekä muissa julkaisuissa ja lehdissä. Hän on ollut osana yhtyeitä joiden kanssa hän on julkaissut levyjä, järjestänyt näyttelyitä ja esiintynyt eri maissa. Hänen osana Halo Manash yhtyettä tekemänsä elokuva Taiwaskivi on julkaistu DVD-kokoelmalla "Back to Human Nature" Njuta Films toimesta. Cederberg on myös osa Radio Wyrd podcastia. Cederbergillä on kulttuurialan tutkinto ja hän työskentelee kirjoittamisen ja elokuvatuotannon parissa. Hän asuu Helsingissä ja harrastaa nyrkkeilyä. 

Tämä sivusto kokoaa yhteen Cederbergin kirjoitukset, matkat sekä meneillään olevat työt.

Aki Cederberg is a writer, musician and filmmaker from Helsinki, Finland. Coming from a hereditary line of seamen, priests and doctors, his disposition and many of his interests and passions can perhaps be derived from these ancestral streaks. Relating to his engagement with various esoteric traditions and realms of knowledge and culture of which he has sought first-hand experience, as well as his interest in sites of mythological or historical significance both ancient and modern, he has travelled extensively. Cederberg has written a book published in finnish language titled Pyhiinvaellus ("Pilgrimage", Salakirjat 2013), as well as contributed to The Fenris Wolf book anthologies and several other publications. He has been part of several musical groups, with whom he has released albums and films, as well as conducted exhibitions and tours both in his homeland and abroad. The film Taiwaskivi, made as part of Halo Manash, was released on the DVD-collection ”Back to Human Nature!” (Njuta Films). Cederberg is also a part of the Radio Wyrd  podcast. He has a Bachelor of Culture and Arts (directing and scriptwriting) and currently works in writing and film production. He lives in Helsinki, and enjoys boxing.

This website functions as a resource on his writings, travels and current works.



“This book was one of the most significant reading experiences I've had so far. Cederberg’s story presented me a new way of viewing the world and its deeper layers; it changed my perspective on the spiritual, as well as on the physical levels of existence. In doing so, it also swept away a big chunk of cynicism that has been bothering me for years. A job rather difficult to do in this meaning-vacuum of a world we live in today...

Even though Cederberg’s extraordinary journey and his weird experiences made a really exciting and amusing story to read, there was this serious and in my mind melancholic undertone in the book. This undertone is composed of the constant yearning for something real, and of the awful feeling, that something profound is missing from our culture. Something that once had been an essential part of it. As if the world we live in is somehow hollow and artificial, especially here in the West. That undertone appealed to me greatly, because I've been struggling with those kind of feelings myself for a long time, not really knowing why, and what it was that I feel I'm missing.

Cederberg’s book helped me understand those feelings, and the reasons what might be causing them. But more importantly, it made believe that it is possible to find some true meaning in this world; something real and authentic; something timeless to connect to. His story made me see ancient themes in a new light. It made me ponder the concept of gods in a whole new way, and, in a sense, restored my belief in them. It forced me to think what is sacred to me in life and why. It also reshaped my relationship to nature and to my homeland. All in all, It shed a new kind of bright light to my own spiritual path, and at the same time, it helped me too see the significance of the physical aspect of life too. After reading the book, I have felt the need to get out of the world of sheer abstractions and go explore and experience and feel the world outside. I also feel the need to mention, that I have found new kind of joy and purpose in exercising as well, which was perhaps the most unexpected effects of this book.

I think it's the honesty in Cederberg’s writing that makes the book so compelling, fascinating and convincing. He writes about his experiences genuinely and beautifully, but without unnecessary embellishment. At his journeys from West to East and back again, Cederberg has acquired a lot of intriguing experiences, valuable knowledge and I dare to say, real wisdom. And in his book, he manages to intersperse this wisdom into the story, in an entertaining, tangible and beautiful way.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who seeking something meaningful and sacred in this world or is interested in genuine self-exploration. And of course to those, who just enjoy a deeply personal, touching and entertaining adventure story. “

- Jesse Lämsä, a reader

I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.
Olen ollut ja olen edelleen etsijä, mutta olen lakannut kysymästä tähdiltä ja kirjoilta; olen alkanut kuunnella opetusta, jota vereni minulle kuiskii.